Coronavirus (Covid 19) PPE Relief

Helping those, Helping Others

ShieldLA is a fiscally sponsored project of Jumpstart Labs

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Hospitals Helped: 41

Shields Donated: 7,794

Some Hospitals We've Donated to:

"We are so incredibly grateful for the face shields. With these we can fight this without fear!"

- Dr. Bally

"THANK YOU ShieldLA for donating face shields to our ENTIRE ICU frontline! ...This is a HUGE victory!"

- Luigi @ Kaiser Ontario


Here at Shield LA, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Since launch we have committed our time and resources, determined to make an impact by producing and providing PPE relief during the Corona Virus (Covid 19) outbreak.

The core of our efforts is to bring our team’s diverse set of experience to quickly scale production efforts and provide rapid relief to at-risk medical professionals and continue to support any and everyone we can along the way. We take no profit from this project.


Get Hospitals the Protection They Need

  • Every $2 sends a mask to a medical professional

  • PPE shortage is massive right now and every donation helps aid this need

  • Every safe doctor/nurse helps thousands of people with and without corona virus

PPE Relief Projects

Bringing Change

FACE SHIELD MASK RELIEF - Delivery to Huntington Hospital, Pasadena

Nation Wide

Hospitals across the US have been reaching out in repsonse to their PPE shortages and we refuse to let them go unheard. We are sending face shield masks to hospitals in California, Florida, Oregon, and many others. Our passion is serving those in our country and we aim to provide PPE relief where we can.

Coronavirus (Covid 19) has sparked a global need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and we aim to help as many as we can during this crisis.

Southern California

Hospital shortages of PPE has left thousands of medical professionals endangered to the risk of Covid 19 (Coronavirus). We are working to help relieve this strain so they can continue to save those in need. We have been accepted by hospitals such as Kaiser, Hoag and many others who have requested our shield masks.

By creating low-cost, high production designs we are able to create 5x more with the same effectiveness and are fundraising to scale our production to 15,000 a week.

PEOPLE IN NEED, FRIENDS INDEED - Women in China Wearing Our Shield



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  • This is not an FDA approved product

  • It is being provided at a time of pandemic

  • Hospital and user assumes all risk with use of product

  • Prior to delivery, we ask that all hospitals sign an indemnity agreement

  • PROJECT is a fiscally sponsored project of Jumpstart.

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Helping Those,

Helping Others

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